16p12.2 deletion study

The following is an initial questionnaire used to gain information about you, and the affected individual carrying deletion 16p12.2 (previously known as 16p12.1 deletion). This questionnaire is designed for parents or guardians of children diagnosed with this deletion. The information provided in this questionnaire will be used to better understand the connection between the symptoms these individuals manifest, and genetic variation identified.

Participation in this questionnaire is completely voluntary. We estimate that this survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. All answers will be kept strictly confidential, and protected to the maximum extent as required by law. The information addressed in the questionnaire will be very important in understanding the genetic variation occuring in conjunction with the 16p12.2 deletion.

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If you have and questions about the terms used in this questionnaire, or otherwise would like assistance completing it, please contact Dr. Girirajan by email at sxg47[at] or by phone (814) 865-0674.